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Queen Leaf is the monicker of Producer/DJ Joseph Craig. Over the past few years, Craig has released only a select amount of music. His catalogue consists of several songs released on various compilations, a remix for burgeoning talent Patrick Brian, as well as an EP on growing LA imprint The Melt. While his catalogue may be short, the tracks that he's released are meticulous, original, and showcase what an ear the budding producer has for sound design. Musically, he subscribes to no particular genre, leaving him difficult to be categorized. His latest work takes influence from classic and modern notions of dance floor music and his DJ sets are a prime example of this as well, where he draws from a selection spanning the realm of ambient and club music alike.

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BST009: Queen Leaf, 'Marble Room' EP / May 2015

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Queen Leaf DJ set at Moloko / December 2014