• Blankstairs Greenpoint rooftop party / August 2015

    M/M [1080p / DEEP / ATM] (Live Debut)
    GUT NOSE [Styles Upon Styles] (Live)
    SOLPARA [Booma / Other People] (Live)
    MAPES [Blankstairs] (DJ)
    FIRST CIRCLE [Blankstairs] (DJ)
    METROPOL [Blankstairs / Pastel Voids] (DJ)
    NATHANIEL YOUNG [Blankstairs / Styles Upon Styles] (DJ)

  • Halcyon presents: Blankstairs

    5pm EST / 2pm PST / Free
    at Halcyon
    395 Wythe Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11249

    Streaming via USTREAM:

    Archivist [Blankstairs / Secondnature // Seattle]

    + Blankstairs DJs
    First Circle
    Nathaniel Young

    Halcyon will be hosting Blankstairs in their new Williamsburg location. With sets from staple Blankstairs DJs as well as Seattle’s Archivist hours after his performance at Montreal’s official Bacchanale Festival afterparty.

    About Archivist:
    Archivist is a project about getting lost in sound. It’s about allowing one’s mind to wander off to darker corners of the psyche by distracting the body through ritualistic focus on rhythm. Alex combines the wild, energetic potential of techno as party music with a subtler, more spacious strain of psychedelia. He maintains a solid focus on the dance floor without sacrificing hallucinatory atmospheres or emotional depth, always aiming to bring a crowd to a state of pure, blissful movement. Alex’s DJ sets are infused with the feeling of all-nighters in Seattle hideaways and insurgent outdoor techno parties in Eastern Washington, where the only task at hand is to shake off all the stress of city life through the shared experience of music. His productions aim to capture a bit of this feeling in recorded form.

    Blankstairs will be releasing Alex’s debut 12" in early 2016 featuring a remix from Eric Cloutier.

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    We’re overjoyed to present the debut physical release from Portland’s A/V artist, Ben Glas. BST011, Music To Interact To, will be available digitally and physically on September 15th. Stream the Glas’ ‘Halbdruck’ via The Ransom Note.

    At the foundation of all organized audio (music) there exists systems. These systems provide a simple (preconceived) context for the listener and guides their perceptions through the piece. If an artist produces a piece based in these systems, but also allows for experimentation in an unrestricted environment, then naturally the end result will lead to these systems endlessly building on top of each other, cascading ultimately into complete nothingness. Meaning without meaning; conclusion without conclusion. This is the relationship that artist Ben Glas is most interested in, and is arguably the most crucial element to his productions. Glas finds extreme gaiety in exploring the highly personal interactions that take place between an audio (or musical) production and its audience.

    As a student at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Ben has been actively investigating the immense power and complexities of sound as art and music as interaction. Through the lens of both an academic and autodidact, Ben aims to produce work that actively encourages a conversation, positive or negative, with the listener. ‘Music To Interact To’ finds Glas narrating that interaction, altering the listener’s perception and understanding while exploring the language of sound (technically and metaphorically) to the fullest.

    Pre-Order ‘Music To Interact To’ directly from us here:

    01. Sonic Primer I
    02. Halbdruck
    03. Hause
    04. Sonic Primer II
    05. Stagnation, Happydrone
    06. Digital Serialism

  • 08.22.15
    8pm-late / Free / BYOB

    M/M [1080p / DEEP / ATM] (Live Debut)
    GUT NOSE [Styles Upon Styles] (Live)
    SOLPARA [Booma / Other People] (Live)
    MAPES [Blankstairs] (DJ)
    FIRST CIRCLE [Blankstairs] (DJ)
    METROPOL [Blankstairs / Pastel Voids] (DJ)
    NATHANIEL YOUNG [Blankstairs / Styles Upon Styles] (DJ)

  • 08.07.15 / 10pm-late / Free
    Blankstairs at SISTERS
    900 Fulton St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11238

    Mapes [Blankstairs]
    DEBBIE [Don’t Trust Humans]
    Solpara [Booma / Other People]
    James Place [Umor Rex Records / Opal Tapes / Styles Upon Styles]
    Nathaniel Young [Blankstairs / Styles Upon Styles]

    / …/ linear memory /

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  • We’re beyond ecstatic to present the PDX debut of Mexico City’s, White Visitation. WV has seen stellar releases on the always outstanding NYC imprint Styles Upon Styles, L.I.E.S., UK’s sturdy Opal Tapes, and most recently on Berlin’s formidable Blank Slate records. WV will be joined by Vancouver mainstays, Derivatives as well as the always punishing, A S S S. This is a night not to be missed.

    Purchase advance tickets here:

    \ 07.24.15
    \ $10 adv. $15 door
    \ 11pm - late

    \ \ Facebook Event


  • Following up on their recent performances at MUTEK, Stefan Jós & FDG - will be visiting from Montreal with a pair of New York-premier sets downstairs at 915 Wyckoff. 

    Live sets from:

    Stefan Jós (Opal Tapes / Flau // MTL)
    FDG - (Where to Now? / No Exp. // MTL)
    Austin Cesear (Proibito / Public Information / Opal Tapes // NYC)
    Motiv-A (French Grey 90% // NYC)
    Solpara (BOOMA / Other People // NYC)

    DJ support from Nathaniel Young (Blankstairs // NYC)