• Blankstairs ALL NIGHT in PDX
    06.24.16 / 11:00pm (PST)
    Carly Barton [Blankstairs / PDX]
    Scott Murakami [Blankstairs / Lost Soul Enterprises / NYC]
    Kristen Dalen [Blankstairs / TUF / SEA]
    Archivist [Blankstairs / secondnature / SEA]


    $15early / $20adv. / $25door
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    Complimentary Tangerines

  • BST016: Carly Barton, ‘Untitled - Relief’

    Limited edition lino-cut relief print on 15x22" archival paper. Edition of 5.

    Purchase BST016 here:

    About Carly Barton:
    Carly Barton is an intermedia artist currently based in Portland, OR. Through fiber arts, printmaking and sound, she translates a fleeting expression through a non-representational lens. She strays away from traditional or formulaic methods and instead produces work through a refined process of experimentation. Through her involvement at PNCA and her personal work, Carly wants to push the boundaries of her creative spectrum and satisfy her thirst for knowledge.

  • Blankstairs + Friends

    Live Broadcast:

    Andrew Boie (PDX)
    Cory Brown (PDX)
    Alex Harden (NYC)
    Warren Mattox (NYC)
    Nathaniel Young (NYC)

    Feb. 28th, 2016 ~ 14:00 - 21:00
    rsvp for private Portland address:

  • Blankstairs is pleased to announce the imminent release of ‘Pathfinder’, the latest record from Washington State resident Archivist. 'Pathfinder’ is Archivist’s second release on Blankstairs, following 2015’s  'Migration’, which Impose Magazine celebrated as offering listeners “the possibility of transcendence.” Archivist’s new record is no different, featuring three original deep techno tracks along with a remix by The Bunker New York resident Eric Cloutier. With 'Pathfinder’, Archivist shows himself to be one of the West Coast’s most intense and interesting techno producers.

    Opening the record is “Klamath”, which rises gently out of the darkness before overtaking the listener with its percussive power. Channeling the Washington landscape, the track is a rich and hypnotic ride that flows like a landslide before finally returning to a state of rest. 'A Rogue Moon’ is a ghostly trip down shadowed trails, as euphonic echoes and esoteric strings find space in the tracks cavernous kicks, making it perfect for late nights and early mornings.

    The second side features two takes of the title track 'Pathfinder’. The original version shows Archivist’s ability to temper a peak time tune, with rolling rhythms and cacophonous stabs of chords that boulder over the listener, leaving little left in its wake. Eric Cloutier closes the EP by rebuilding 'Pathfinder’ into a clean, cutting cleaver, proving that Cloutier is just as powerful as a producer as he is a DJ.

    BST014 will be out in both 12" and Digital formats on February 19th, 2016. Stream the previews below and catch Eric Cloutier’s remix featured in his RA.502 podcast contribution.

    RA.502 - Eric Cloutier:
    Pre-Order BST014 here:
    (Photo by Ceci Corsano-Leopizzi)