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Nathaniel Young is the co-founder of Blankstairs and lives and works in New York, NY. Growing up in Portland, OR Nathaniel is highly influenced by his environment as it manifests itself through nature and urban landscapes. Creative inspiration is also realized through a highly spiritualized upbringing, and his obsessive fascination with the minuscule and seemingly meaningless observations of his present domain. This immense satisfaction with the mundane affords him the ability to visualize and conceptualize in ways others may consider unconventional. When not working in the sonic medium or managing the logistical demandings of Blankstairs Nathaniel works as a photographer.

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+ Releases

A/VMIX02: Nathaniel Young, 'Growing Old' / August 2013
BST015: Warren Mattox / Nathaniel Young, 'January 2015' / January 2016

+ Mixes

Aos + Nathaniel Young at Bound By Sound IV Vancouver, B.C. - Closing Set
MTRMIX012 - Nathaniel Young - MOTOR MIX SERIES
End Fence Enclouser Acts: Act VI (Mixed by Nathaniel Young)
Only For Robots 065: Nathaniel Young
Boomarm Nation Podcast 008: Nathaniel Young
Dropping Gems Podcast 25: Nathaniel Young / Hobbess

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Nathaniel Young DJ set at Moloko / December 2014