LBNHRX is a 31 year old Capricorn, one meter fifty-six, blonde hair, brown eyes, a moustache and a strong, athletic body. He likes to read, or purposelessly lie on a rug, and his friends describe him as “a closet romantic”. He also likes movies with Gene Hackmann and Bicky-flavoured crisps. LBNHRX is looking for someone like-minded (preferably of the large-breasted persuasion) to go for long walks in the woods, or just sit on the sand watching sunsets, furthermore … if things “click”. LBNHRX has emphysema, chlamydia, and a pet turtle named Hal.

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BST003: LBNHRX, 'Naïve Misanthropy / April 2014

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XLR8R premieres 'Their Judgements' from BST003
Decoder Magazine premieres 'Their Rules' from BST003
Impose Magazine premieres 'Naïve Misanthropy' in full

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