Carly Barton (PDX)

+ Carly Barton

Carly Barton is an intermedia artist currently based in Portland, OR. Through fiber arts, printmaking and sound, she translates a fleeting expression through a non-representational lens. She strays away from traditional or formulaic methods and instead produces work through a refined process of experimentation. Through her involvement at PNCA and her personal work, Carly wants to push the boundaries of her creative spectrum and satisfy her thirst for knowledge.

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+ Releases

BST016: Carly Barton, 'Untitled - Relief' / March 2016

+ Exhibitions


2013: Warped Cartel, Scottsdale, AZ


2016: CB_ATY_MONO Courier, Portland, OR March 2016
2015-2016: Master Copy PNCA, Portland, OR
2015: Shelf Piece Manuel Izquierdo Gallery, Portland, OR
2015: Rent-A-Room PNCA Gallery, Portland
2015: Grid PNCA Mezzanine Gallery, Portland, OR

Carly Barton at the Gordon Gilkey Print Studio / March 2016