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Archivist is a project about getting lost in sound. It’s about allowing one’s mind to wander off to darker corners of the psyche by distracting the body through ritualistic focus on rhythm. Alex combines the wild, energetic potential of techno as party music with a subtler, more spacious strain of psychedelia. He maintains a solid focus on the dance floor without sacrificing hallucinatory atmospheres or emotional depth, always aiming to bring a crowd to state of pure, blissful movement. Alex’s DJ sets are infused with the feeling of all-nighters in Seattle hideaways and insurgent outdoor techno parties in Eastern Washington, where the only task at hand is to shake off all the stress of city life through the shared experience of music. His productions aim to capture a bit of this feeling in recorded form.

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+ Releases

BST007: Archivist, 'Migration' / January 2015
BST014: Archivist, 'Pathfinder' / February 2016

+ Press

XLR8R premieres 'Trophic' from BST007
Impose Magazine premieres 'Migration' from BST007
XLR8R premieres 'Pathfinder' from BST014
Seatte's The Stranger names Archivist a rising local techno act

+ Mixes

Only For Robots 070: Archivist
Esh Podcast T029: Archivist
Archivist DJ set at Bodyheat Vancouver, BC
Decibel Festival 2015 Mix #6 - Archivist

+ Notable Appearances

Tin Man
Israel Vines
Abdulla Rashim

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Archivist DJ set at Halcyon NYC / September 2015