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Aos is a Seattle-based producer and DJ whose musical explorations are influenced by her interest in the haphazard, subversive nature of DIY spaces as well as deep curiosity in the contrast between the textural and the rhythmic. A product of Tacoma, Washington's vivid metal, punk, and electronic underground, she established her eclectic brand as a DJ on KUPS, the area’s esteemed college radio station, before bringing her heady strains to Seattle. She is now an active member of the female identified / non-binary collective, TUF, and makes music alongside her peers as a member of the singular collective, Secondnature.

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BST018: Aos, '90 East' / August 2016

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Truants recommends '90 East'

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T036 - Aos
Aos + Nathaniel Young at Bound By Sound IV Vancouver, B.C. - Closing Set
Aos at Bound By Sound IV Vancouver, B.C. - Opening Set
Deep Electronics Podcast #63 - Aos + Archivist

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Aos live at Elevator in Seattle / October 2015
(Images by Nathaniel Young / Above by Ceci Corsano-Leopizzi)