Alex Harden (NYC)

+ Alex Harden

Fascinated with music from an early age, Alex Gaylord (Alex Harden) received his first record player at the age of 11 and hasn’t looked back since. With an eclectic taste, and an insatiable desire to endlessly dig through thrift store dollar bins, Alex’s sets bring together a wide range of styles to create a singular unified vision independent of trends and popular inclinations. Alex hosts the Forbidden Lovers radio show every Monday 23:00-00:00 EST on Brooklyn's Newtown Radio.

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+ Mixes

CONCEPT // MIX001: Mixed by Alex Harden & Mapes
Live on Mushpost Radio
CIII Leisure Link Guest Mix on Triple R Radio Melbourne
Blankstairs at Halcyon NYC - Alex Harden + Mapes

+ Notable Appearances

Galcher Lustwerk
L'estasi Dell'oro
Cory James
Laurent Fintoni

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Forbidden Lovers Radio / Website
Forbidden Lovers Radio / Soundcloud